Our Dance Offerings for your moving pleasure

Thursday night - Dance Temple :

An evening dance, the kind you always wanted to experience. A bit experimental, a bit deep, a place to sink into your skin, to see and be seen, to let yourself go as you move to the music, enjoy your community, connect with yourself and others, learn to set and respect your own boundaries, to witness the way you engage with the world around and inside of you. We meet at Soma Space every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm.

What makes this dance really unique is that it is a place where the collaborators get to experiment a little outside of the famous Sacred Circle Sunday morning style, but still maintain the high quality of the journey for the dancers. As Sunday has grown and become an institution this dance gives us an opportunity to expand our creative wings with greater breadth and depth by moving into the sweetness that is night.

Sunday Morning - Sacred Circle Dance:

Our flagship decade long dance that meets every Sunday morning at the Tiffany Center downtown. A cornerstone of the Portland Ecstatic Dance scene, this is the place where people come to celebrate the sun rising, the end/beginning of the week, the joyfulness of community, families learning to move to the music together, the incredible visual displays that are our altars, the art that we create and share, the profoundness of the written word, and most importantly - the amazing world that is available to us as we joyfully dance together in a mutually created safe space.


See you all on the dance floor!